The following article was written in 1973 in celebration of our church’s 100th year anniversary:

It is believed that the first Methodist services were held in Manistique around 1873 by the Reverend J.D. Paul.  The first regularly appointed pastor the Reverend H.W. Thompson who preached his first sermon on November 6, 1881.  His circuit covered a distance of 88 miles and required two full weeks to reach all the appointments.  The services were on alternate Sundays and was first held in the school house  after that, in the old band hall (Union Hall).The church society was formally organized Sunday, August 12, 1883.  Later the same year, a Sunday School was organized.  The Ladies Aid Society (now known as United Methodist Women) began its existence December 5, 1883.  The Epworth League Chapter (now known as Youth Fellowship) was organized in 1889.
The church building was erected in 1887.  The old parsonage was built in 1896.  Our present parking lot was the land on which the old parsonage stood.  The church owns two quilts: the oldest was completed in 1898 and was a money making project.  Each name on the quilt represents a dime.  The newest quilt was completed in 1983 for the church Centennial and contains all the names of the congregation at that time.  In 1923, the basement was built under the entire church as it is today.
Between 1939 and 1943, Reverend Otto Steen and Dick Hoppins went to Munising and brought back the old reed organ (now stands behind the choir loft behind the alter).  It was used by former organist Margaret Mueller (now deceased) until the first electric organ was purchased in 1957.  Mary Prater became organist in the fall of 1973 and the present organ was purchased in 1980. The present pews were installed in 1968.  In 1963, the present pulpit, lectern and pulpit chairs along with other memorials, were dedicated.  The present parsonage on New Delta Avenue was purchased in 1972 and the morgage was paid in full by June of 1982.  The Detroit Conference helped out by paying $150 as rental per month plus half of all utilities.  
For over 120 years, the First United Methodist Church (formerly Methodist Episcopal Church) have been a part of proclaiming God’s name and Christ’s message at the corner of Cedar and Elk Streets and beyond.  Our church building has received several changes inside and out throughout the years.  Our church family has also undergone several changes.  As time has passed, we have witnessed times of prosperity and times of recession; times of joy and times of sorrow; times of sowing and times of reaping.  Many people have experienced worship in our church.  Some have moved to other communities while others moved here from other communities, others have remained here until their deaths.  Then there are those who have stayed here through the years and continue to play a vital role as our church grows. Even though our building and face have changed many times, we still confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and the name of God to all who will hear.  We thank you for choosing to be a part of our church family, and welcome you to our journey in helping to bring the Kingdom of God to our world.